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Hillsboro Oregon RV storage units

Did you know most mold and mildew formation can occur during the months your recreational vehicle is not in use? It’s true. And living in a rainy, damp climate like Hillsboro, Oregon only makes matters worse. What you need is an RV storage unit with Secure Storage.


About our Recreational Vehicle Storage Units 

RV storage units ensure condensation doesn’t accumulate along your RV roofline and walls. Plus, protected RV self storage will ensure that roof moldings and seams aren’t cracked due to weather fluctuations. Motorhome storage units are built with plenty of room for most recreational vehicles (including campers, and trailers). Our recreational Vehicle storage is also highly secure and will protect your vehicles from water damage, sun damage, mud, dirt and more.

Choose our Hillsboro Oregon RV storage units for optimal protection and convenience. Each recreation vehicle storage unit is 14x45 in dimension and can easily accommodate Class A and C recreational vehicles, campers, motor homes, motor caravans, mobile homes, trailers, Winnebagos, camp trailers, house trailers, and of course a Winnebago.

Additional features include:

  • toy-storage.jpgWide Hillsboro RV storage facility entrances
  • On-site restrooms for your convenience
  • An individual 30 AMP power outlet and lighting in each toy storage unit
  • Concrete floor so dirt is not tracked into RV
  • Access to self storage from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., seven days a week

In addition to moisture damage, there are other reasons why you shouldn’t store your RV on your driveway or in your yard. One is damage from vandalism and graffiti. The other is being hassled by neighbors, neighborhood associations and the city, which will bring you more headaches than it’s worth. We also have car storage units in Hillsboro if you need to protect your classic car from the outside elements as well. 

We hope you consider Secure Storage when you are looking for a storage unit in Hillsboro, Oregon.

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RV Storage FAQ

What is the average cost to store an RV?

The average cost to store an RV depends heavily on your location and the storage facility you choose to store your RV at. Extra amenities such as RV dump stations are very helpful. Some facilities will offer the choice between outdoor and indoor RV storage and may have gravel or paved parking lots. Covered outdoor RV storage protects your motorhome from sun, rain, hail, and snow, but may not protect against dust or debris. Covered RV storage units are similar to enclosed garages and are the best option for protection. These storage units may also be heated for cold winter months. At Secure Storage in Hillsboro, we offer the most secure storage options such as indoor storage, well-maintained asphalt, electronic gate with key-code access, and even a complimentary RV dump station. 


Should I store my RV indoors?

While you may have many outdoor adventures in your RV, storing it during the winter months or long-term in general may expose it to damage risks. Sitting for days on end in direct sunlight may cause paint to fade and crack, if shades are not drawn, interior upholstery may also be sun damaged. Moisture introduced by rain, snow, or even hail can cause rust or leaks to develop. The last thing any RV owner wants to find is mold growing in the damp interior of their motorhome. 

Storing your RV or camper at a storage facility with indoor storage is your best chance to protect your motorhome while not in use. Secure storage facilities keep thieves and vandals at bay so you can sleep soundly at night. 


What is RV storage?

RV storage is a secure place to store your camper RV for short-term or long-term periods. A storage facility that offers RV storage is a great example. Secure Storage in Hillsboro offers fully enclosed, indoor RV Storage priced at competitive monthly rates. We use the latest security technology to prevent break-ins and our heated garage units keep weather, dust, and intruders out. You can access your RV 7 days a week using an exclusive key-code through our front electronic gate and your very own high-security padlock on the rolling garage door to your storage unit.


Where can I park my RV?

Parking your RV can sometimes prove to be a challenge. Finding a safe and legal place to keep it is important and necessary. If you happen to have an extra large driveway, parking space, or even an RV garage, those are obviously ideal. The reality is, most RV-owners will not have room in their driveway and often resort to parking their investments on the street. This is leaves the motorhome vulnerable to passing traffic, vandals, burglars, and the elements. Many HOAs do not allow motorhomes or campers to be parked near your property which complicates matter. Luckily, RV storage facilities such as Secure Storage offers a clean, safe environment to store your RV where you can access it at any day of the week.


How do I store my camper for the winter?

When it’s time to put the summer toys away at the end of the season and get ready for winter, often people ask how to store their camper for winter. Here are some tips to make sure your RV is ready for a long winter nap.

  1. Drain the Water System - This includes all plumbing, fresh and waste water tanks. Run non-toxic antifreeze through the plumbing system to prevent freezing.

  2. Prep the Exterior - Have the roof, sidewalls, seams, doors, windows, and panels inspected. Seal all cracks and holes. Your local RV mechanic or dealer can provide consultation or service.

  3. Choose a Safe Location - Picking a safe place for your RV is just as important as prepping it for the winter. When choosing a location, ask yourself if your motorhome will be exposed to damage risks, such as from the elements, passing traffic, or even crime. Will it be in the way of street traffic or your driveway? Will it block views from your house? Another option is storing it at a storage facility such as Secure Storage. Your RV will be protected and kept out of the way when not in use.

  4. Cover Up and Protect the Tires - If you do decide to store your RV outside all winter, be sure to cover it with a specialized cover. Using a standard tarp will often trap moisture underneath or flap in the wind which could cause damage to the exterior of your RV. Tires that are exposed to the elements for long periods of time may be damaged. Use proper tire covers to secure them.

  5. Store Your Batteries - To increase battery life, disconnect your batteries and store them in a cool (not cold) dry place. Batteries will lose their charge slowly over time but by storing them in this way they preserve power and will less likely be dead next season. Also note that freezing temperatures could damage batteries.

  6. Use Fuel Stabilizer - Yes, gas does have an expiration date in a way. Fuel that sits for a long time can form deposits that will clog up fuel lines and worse, your RV’s engine. This is a costly mishap that will definitely put a damper on your next adventure. Adding a fuel stabilizer to your gas tank before storing will help prevent fuel oxidation from happening. Make sure you follow the instructions on the label when you run it through your fuel system.

  7. Prevent Rodents - You aren’t the only one that finds your RV cozy. Mice and rats find that campers are great winter homes. They chew through insulation, wires, upholstery, and pretty much everything else. Their feces tend to get everywhere and can be very toxic. Make sure to remove all food thoroughly clean the interior before storing. 

  8. Check On Your RV Periodically - Be sure to check on your RV every few weeks while it’s in storage. Do a quick inspection of the exterior for leaks and the interior for unpleasant odors. Start the motor and generator and do an inspection of the electrical system too. Be sure to take care of any problems sooner than later so that your motorhome is ready to go next season.