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Indoor Car Storage in Hillsboro, Oregon Keeps You Ready to Cruise


Car collectors who enjoy taking out their car for a cruise want to make sure their rides are safe and protected when they aren't being driven.

Collecting cars for investment purposes and car competitions requires more detail. It requires smart purchasing and smart investment protection, so the vehicle’s worth rises in value over the near and long-term.

Hillsboro Secure Storage can provide you with car storage units for your new or collector cars. Call Hillsboro Secure Storage at (503) 693-6844 to reserve a car storage unit today or reserve a car storage unit online.

Best Size for Vehicle Storage Units

Our storage facilities offer multiple sizes of self storage units that accommodate many sizes of vehicles on location. However, our 10 x 20 car storage unit size is the one most often selected by clients for vehicle storage. This storage unit offers smooth concrete floors, strong galvanized steel walls and a roll-up door so you can drive in and out of parking in your self-storage unit.

Each car storage unit also comes with an individual electronic code for extra security, because we understand the thousands of dollars, or possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars, that your rare vehicle is worth.
If you're still not sure we have the storage facility you're looking for, check out the storage costs and unit sizes we have at Secure Storage in Hillsboro, Oregon.

Benefits of using Secure Storage for your Car Storage Needs

Our car storage units store your vehicles clean and dry. We know our customers love their rides, and we want to protect them against the things that depreciate their value or result in repairs. Use our storage units in order to:

  • Protect against de-icing compounds found on the roads at winter.
  • Preserve the paint job from harsh weather conditions, dirt, leaves, birds and more.
  • Keep rodents and insects from making a home in your parked car.
  • Shield the interior from direct sunlight that could cause it to fade or crack.
  • Maintain the tires in good condition so they don't blow.
  • Avoid the rust that comes with outside weather.

So whether you are looking for vehicle storage for your vintage car from the 1920's, a classic car from the 1970's—or a modern car from the 1990's, count on your vehicle storage unit at Secure Storage to do the job. Or if you simply want a mini storage unit in Hillsboro, we have those too!

Storing your vehicle will help you avoid any rust and keep your vehicle’s paint and interior undamaged from weather conditions. And, it will help you sleep better at night.

Why you're at it, free up more space for parking in your garage with our ATV and snowmobile storage.

We hope you consider Secure Storage when you are looking for a storage unit in Hillsboro, Oregon.

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Car Storage FAQ

How much does it cost to keep a car in storage?

It’s true that you can park your car in some storage units. If you keep your car at a self storage facility, you will most likely only need a 10x10 storage unit to keep it in. These small storage units behave much like a garage. They are very secure and are contained in a fenced area. At Secure Storage in Hillsboro, you can expect to spend about $140 per month for a 10x10 storage unit or $145 per month for a climate controlled storage unit. These specialty storage units keep their interior at a constant temperature which is good news for owners of exotic or classic cars. 

How do I prepare my car for long term storage?

  1. If you are planning to keep your car in long-term storage, there are a number of steps to complete in order to prepare your vehicle. Completing these steps will help prevent damage to your car further down the road.

  2. Choose a clean, secure place to store your car. The most ideal space is an indoor garage, or better yet, a self storage unit with climate control.

  3. Fill your gas tank completely full. Add a fuel stabilizer and drive for a little while to allow the stabilizer to distribute through your fuel system. This will prevent internal rust and clogs.

  4. Change the oil. Just like sedentary gas, motor oil can build deposits that could jam the delicate parts of your engine. Spray lubricant on exposed metal surfaces to prevent rust.

  5. Inspect underneath your car for any fluid that could be leaking from the brakes, transmission, or engine compartment.

  6. Look for signs of leaks on the ground as well as in the undercarriage or engine compartment. Fix these leaks before storing to prevent buildup of fluids, corrosion, or rust. 

  7. Try placing your car on jack stands to relieve pressure on your tires.

  8. If you are concerned about the exterior and interior of your car, you can wash and wax the exterior body to prevent rust.

  9. Use upholstery conditioner depending on your car’s interior to prevent cracking.

  10. Remove the battery and store it in a cool, dry place.

  11. Plug the exhaust pipe(s) with a rag to stop rodents from crawling up inside. Don’t forget to remove them before you start the car!

  12. Don’t keep the parking brake engaged.

  13. Cover your car in a high-quality cover.​