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Boat Storage in Hillsboro, OR


About our Hillsboro Boat Storage Units 

Boat storage units ensure that rainwater won't get trapped in the boat’s core. When this happens a freeze/thaw break bond occurs between the fiberglass and core. This is extremely bad for your boat and can cause major damage. Protected boat storage units will also help you avoid rust in the engine and body. 

Secure Storage in Hillsboro offers Boat storage units for:

  • Fishing Boat storage
  • Paddleboard storage
  • Raft storage
  • Kayak storage

Between fishing, water skiing, wake boarding, rafting, paddleboarding, kayaking and floating, there’s so much to do out on the water and not enough time to fit it all in.

Because Hillsboro, Oregon is close to Hagg lake the Willamette, Columbia, and Tualatin River there is a need for boats of all kinds; ski boats, fishing boats, rafts, kayaks and paddle boards. Because the area has so much to offer, locals often acquire a large repertoire of boats without enough space to store them.

Hillsboro Secure Storage provides enclosed and covered boat storage units and vehicle storage units to protect your investments. We also offer electronic key-pad gate access, 24-hour surveillance, and onsite managers. Contact us today to reserve your boat storage unit! Or call 503-693-6844

Boat Storage FAQ

Can you store a boat in a storage unit?

Yes, it is possible to store a boat in a storage unit. However, there are some things to consider when storing a boat in a storage unit. The size of your boat (including trailer) is an important factor to consider. Measure the length and width of your boat on its trailer from end to end. Remember you’ll need extra space around each side of your boat so that there is room to get around if needed. At the minimum you will need a 10X15 self storage unit. Also keep in mind that most storage units are between 8 and 10 feet high. 

If you don’t think your boat will fit inside of a storage unit, you can always see about outdoor boat storage at a secure facility.

How much does boat storage cost?

The cost of storing your boat depends on where you store it. If you choose to store it on your property, the cost is none, unless you account the extra space you’ll need and potential disagreements with a spouse or neighbors. If you choose to store it where you use it, such as a marina, the cost could be considerably higher. Another option is storing it at a self storage facility. Many of these storage facilities offer outdoor and indoor storage options at a lower rate than the average marina. 

Where can you store a boat?

When storing a boat, there are several options available. The most convenient place to store a boat is at a marina or dry storage near the body of water you like to go boating. This can also be the most expensive option, and it may end up being less convenient if you want to use your boat elsewhere. 

Storing your boat on your property is a budget-friendly option, so long as your HOA permits you. If storing outside, be sure to properly seal and cover your boat. You can’t always guarantee that it will be protected from the elements, pests, or vandals, but shrink wrapping it may help with the first two risks. If storing indoors, such as in your garage, it will be better protected but you will have less space for other things.

Lastly, there is the option of storing at a self storage facility. Storage facilities offer a happy medium of security, convenience, and overall cost. They are more affordable than a marina and more flexible as well. They offer better security than storing outside and free up space on your property. Outdoor boat storage is often covered to keep the elements at bay, while indoor boat storage completely protects your watercraft.