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Hillsboro Storage Tips

hillsboro-storage-tips.jpgAs a storage unit facility, we've seen our fair share of the problems people have when they move. In order to help you make your move as easy as possible, we've come up with helpful storage tips and tricks for self storage.

Storage Tip 1: Determine what Size of Storage Unit You Need

When determining what size of storage unit to rent, consider the following: a 10x20 storage unit is similar to a one-car garage. It can easily store the contents from a two-bedroom home with appliances and miscellaneous items—or comfortably store an automobile.

Additionally, we offer three smaller sizes for self storage, including 10x15 (our mini storage unit option), 10x10 and 5x10. We also offer two larger sizes: 10x25 and 10x30.

Our various sizes of self-storage allow you to save on money by only buying the amount of room that you need. If you're still unsure of what size storage unit to rent, let us give you more information on storage unit sizes.

Storage Tip 2: How to Store Your Items

When thinking about how best to store your items in your storage unit, consider the following storage tips and tricks:

  • Try to use the majority of the same size boxes, so they stack more easily.
  • Place heaviest boxes on the bottom.
  • Remember to leave a walkway for accessing seasonal items.
  • Label your boxes.
  • Take apart larger items, such as bed frames and tables.
  • Stack couches on end to conserve space—one of our best storage tips.
  • Avoid storing food.

Storage Tip 3: Storage Tips for RVs and Cars

If you're considering RV storage, toy storage, car storage, here are a few storage tips and tricks.

  • Winterize your RV, boat or vehicle if you're storing outside in a covered spot for the season.
  • Clean the inside and outside thoroughly prior to storing (you may even wax it).
  • Check fluids, disconnect battery and adhere to other basic suggestions for long-term vehicle or craft storage.
  • It's always better to store your RV or vehicle in an enclosed space, if possible. This will prevent water and snow damage and extra wear 'n' tear on your vehicle.

Storage Tip 4: Storage Tips for College Students

When you're in college, you're constantly lugging around your belongings. You have to transport your clothes and furniture from your dorm room to your place of residence for the summer... and back again each fall.

Renting a storage unit for the summer can help avoid hassle and inconvenience. In fact, you might even choose to rent a storage unit throughout the entirety of your college career ​in order to keep the items that you don't need at college safe and protected.

Here are a few storage tips for college students to make self storage easier:

  • Clean all of your clothing, bedding and furniture before you store your items. (Don't leave dirty clothes in a basket and wait until fall to wash them).
  • Check for food or items that could rot while being stored.
  • Put the items that you'll need throughout the summer up front, while leaving your furniture in back of the storage unit.

Secure Storage in Hillsboro is happy to provide you with all of your moving and packing supplies. If you need moving and packaging supplies, contact our Hillsboro storage on-site managers. They can also offer you more storage tips, advice and guidance.