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Secure Storage in Hillsboro has Wine Storage Units

Wine is a delicate beverage. Both white and red wine needs to be stored correctly in order to maintain ​their ​quality and age appropriately. This is why many wine connoisseurs resort to wine storage to store and protect their collection from undesirable temperature conditions or humidity.

Wine storage facilities are ideal for maintaining the condition of wine. Secure Storage in Hillsboro has storage units especially designed to store wine in the case that your home or restaurant does not have sufficient wine storage.

Wine should be kept at a constant temperature between 58 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperature fluctuations can damage the corks of expensive wines and their bottle label—leaving collectors with flat, undesirable wine and a loss of investment in their collection.

Wine enthusiasts know that temperature is not the only element that can affect the condition of wine- UV rays and vibrations can also affect the quality of both white and red wine. With such a delicate investment, collectors should be wary of environments that could potentially ruin their wine. This is why quality wine storage is such a valuable amenity.

Because it's important to keep wine away from sunlight and heat exposure, many people think storing bottles in a basic storage unit will suffice. However, most people don’t know that storing wine in a non-climate-controlled storage rental or cellar isn’t a good idea. It’s especially true in a location like Hillsboro, Oregon, where the weather can be overly moist with less sunshine.

Whether you have a valuable collection or a surplus of wine, it is important to use proper wine storage to protect your bottles. Protect your carefully collected bottles from humidity and temperature with properly controlled wine storage. To ensure the quality of your wine, call Hillsboro Secure Storage at (503) 693-6844 to reserve a ​wine storage unit or reserve a wine storage unit online.

Secure Storage has what your wine needs for lasting quality and longevity. We hope you consider Secure Storage for all of your wine storage needs!