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Storage Units in Hillsboro Oregon Can be a Big Help

hillsoboro-storage-unit-options.jpgHillsboro is a thriving bedroom and business community. Our self-storage location supports many small Hillsboro home-based business owners looking for available short-term self storage, homeowners going through a remodel, or seasonal units for students. Business owners, homeowners, college students, or individuals looking for something specific like RV Storage in Hillsboro choose our self-storage facilities over others - learn why!

Professionals Choose Secure Storage:

Being less than three miles away, we are the "top pick" for professionals who are looking for the best short-term self-storage near the Intel campus. They choose us because they know they don’t have the space—or the time—to organize all their household items and recreational gear. Their schedules are too jammed-packed.

Homeowners Choose Secure Storage:

Moving or remodeling can involve a lot of stress. One way that we help homeowners’ when their life is turned upside down, is to have household storage units reserved beforehand. Many of our Hillsboro self-storage customers reserve personal storage with us before a move or before demolition or reconstruction takes place disrupting their household. Our facility has many size options available for moving important items for safe-keeping.

Businesses Choose Secure Storage:

For small and large business owners, we offer economical and convenient short-term storage units or warehouse storage. Rather than trying to expand their current office space for $1.00 to $1.30 a square foot, we provide it for .30 cents a square foot, saving them money. We also offer convenient street access—and convenient 7-days a week access (from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.).

Students Choose Secure Storage:

Our Hillsboro facility supports students who can’t squeeze all their belongings into their apartment or dorm room. We provide month-to-month, student storage units, which helps college students with affordable summer storage or more space during the school year.

Call Hillsboro Secure Storage at (503) 693-6844 to reserve a mini storage unit today or reserve a storage unit online. We hope you consider Secure Storage for all of your self-storage needs!